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Chaffinches joined up with children from year 3 classes in our cluster schools on Friday to attend a workshop with author Liz Million. They really enjoyed the afternoon and gained an insight into the life of an author and illustrator. Liz shared some handy tips for drawing facial expressions and creating characters which the children will be putting to good use next week when they create their own stories.



It was 'Active Maths' week at Urchfont this week! We have been developing our problem solving and reasoning skills whilst keeping active!

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Day 3 has been very, very  windy and a few heavy showers passed our way this morning. The day has been very enjoyable but everyone is feeling  windswept and in fact many of us have very rosy faces this evening. We have challenged ourselves today with all groups experiencing a high ropes activity. These included Leap of Faith, Jacob's Ladder and Indoor Climbing. We have set ourselves goals for the activities and most of us achieved these . Other activities included problem solving ( which we learnt that to be successful we neededs to talk and explain our ideas to each other),  an Obstacle course, an Orienteering activity and many more. We have continued to eat very well and today we had a  cooked breakfast,  chicken nuggets and chips for lunch and a roast beef dinner this evening. Other options were available but most of us went for these. We slept well again last night and the teachers had to wake many of us - they said they hoped this will continue for the next two mornings.  We also went to the site shop after lunch and have now spent the money that was burning a hole in our pockets.

We are all looking forward to our last full day tomorrow and can't believe the week has gone so fast.


Today the wind has been gusty but not as strong as yesterday. We have had yet another busy day with activities such as balance beam, leap of faith. 3G swing, Aeroball, and Initiative Games. We are having a camp fire this evening and we hope the rain holds off. Most of us had to be woken yet again by the teachers after a good night‘s sleep. We have eaten well and have enjoyed hot dogs tonight with pancakes and syrups for pudding We have began to pack to come home tomorrow but we don’t know how we got so much in our cases when we packed last weekend. Mrs T has black bin bags which some of will be using in addition to our suitcases! 

We are leaving the centre at 1.30pm tomorrow and should be catching the 2.30pm ferry. Some ferries were late or cancelled yesterday and today so we hope ours will be on time. The teachers will contact school if we are going to be late back. 

See you all soon.

From the IOW adventurers.