The School Day

At Urchfont CE Primary School, the typical length of our school week is 32.5hrs.

School doors open and children are supervised from 8.40 am.

The school day starts at 8.45 am.

There is a mid-morning break of 15 minutes for all children.

Lunch is from 12.00 pm to 1.00pm.

There is an afternoon break for Key Stage 1 children .

School ends at 3.15 pm.

Lessons start promptly at 8.50am after the morning registration process has been completed, so please ensure that your child is here on time to minimise disruption to lessons and distress for your child. At 8.50am the children’s entrances will be locked to ensure your child is kept safe. Children arriving after this time need to enter school via the main reception area. We classify children as late when the registers are returned to the office which is usually 9.00 am.

It is important that children are collected at 3.15pm. Late collection can cause children distress and teachers often have meetings or courses after school. We will of course always look after your child if you are unavoidably delayed and in this instance your should ring the school office so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

 Emergency School Closures

In the event of the school being closed, for example, adverse weather conditions, we will endeavour to get a message to parents via our texting system. Addition methods of communicating this information will be via the local radio, the school’s website, Wiltshire Council Website and a notice will be placed at the school entrance.

A decision to close will only be taken if the school site is unsafe for children, parents and staff. No child will be sent home without home without contacting you or an agreed emergency contact first.

Absence from School

Following directives from the DFE, we do not authorise any absence from school other than a medical reason or exceptional circumstances. For planned absences you must complete an absence request form (located in reception area) please.  For unplanned absences such as sickness please email or telephone the office before 10:00hrs.

         Attendance & Absence Policy

         DfE Summary Table of Responsibilities

         Penalty Notice Code of Conduct (LA)