Foundation Stage

In Robins, reception children follow the Foundation Curriculum.  This covers the education for all children prior to the National Curriculum and begins at birth

During the Foundation Stage we acknowledge that children develop at their own rate and in their own way. Playing & exploring, active learning and creating & thinking critically support a child’s learning across all other areas and time is given to develop these.

The areas of learning and development are:

  • Prime Areas - personal, social and emotional development.

- physical development.

- communication and language .

  • Specific Areas- literacy

- mathematics

- understanding the world

- expressive arts and design.

Development is assessed in month bandsThe Foundation Stage prepares children for learning in Key Stage 1. Most children are expected to achieve between the 40-60 month band or the Early Learning Goal by the end of the Foundation Stage. Some children exceed them and some will have the goals incorporated into their Year 1 Curriculum.