Day 4

Another action packed day. The children have been superstars all week, trying new activities with enthusiasm. Today we learnt some moves in fencing, climbed Jacob's ladder, worked together to make the highest crate stack with two children on top and made shelters in bushcraft. The weather remained dry until 5.30pm when the heavens opened and we have had a torrential rain since then. Unfortunately our camp fire has been cancelled. However, its given us time to make sure we shower and come home clean tomorrow. We also have to pack our bags and find all our belongings ! We have yet again eaten well ,with a cooked breakfast, popcorn chicken for lunch and fish and chips for tea. We have been to the shop and bought lots of sweets but Mrs T has said that mum and dad would like the sugar rush at home over the weekend so we will bring most of them home. We are planning to leave at approximately 1.00pm and Mrs T will keep in contact with school and inform them if we are delayed. 

PS - we are sorry that we have been unable to upload any photos to the website or the Facebook page. The broadband width is extremely poor and they just wont upload. We have taken lots of photos and will share with you on our return to school over the next few weeks. Even uploading this blog has been tricky some evenings.