About USSPA....

USSPA is our school's staff and parents association and fundraising group whose aim is to raise money to support the school in the purchase of equipment, development of school property and subsidy of school trips and learning experiences through social events and fun.  Recently we have either supported or run the following events:

Summer and Christmas Fayre's      Movie Nights
Monthly Cake Raffles Easter Egg Hunts
Discos Ice-Cream Sales
Salsa Night Refreshments for KS1 & KS2 productions
Halloween on the Green Sports Day
100 Club Child Designed Christmas Cards
Bags2School Bat Evening

The money raised from these events has gone towards:

  • i-pads
  • Smartboards fro classrooms
  • Sports Kit
  • Outdoor play equipment
  • General classroom equipment

Who we are....

Our current committe members include:

Mrs Georgina Cooper (Chair)
Mr Rob Dolan (Treasurer)
Mrs Liz Gaule (Secretary)
Mrs Becky King (Communications)
Mrs Simon Clayton (Member)
Mrs Fiona Underwood (Staff Representative)
Mr Ian Walker (Head Teacher's Representative)

We are supported by a fantastic team of helpers without whom lots of what we do would not be possible.

How you can get involved…

Getting involved is a great way to contribute to the school and a brilliant way of getting to know other parents and making friends.  We hold regular meetings to plan fundraising and social events.  These meetings are open to all parents and guardians and we especially welcome ideas and offers of help whether that is through becoming a regular helper or member of the committee, baking us a cake or helping for an hour at an event.  For more information speak to one of our members or contact the school office.