We have had a very successful art session today with Mrs Millanese. We created some fantastic clay tiles (see below):DSCN1713DSCN1714


Urchfont have had a very successful start to the sporting calendar 2016-17.




IMG 2528

The netball B team (above) competed in a participation tournament at Lavington School and came 2nd overall! Well done netballers! That should stand you in good stead for the upcoming High5 games.



 IMG 2742

We also competed in our first Sainsbury's School Games competition this term. The football team represented the school excellently and Mrs Pottinger and I were extremely proud of how well they worked as a team and supported each other. We came 3rd overall - well done team Urchfont!


Next term...

We are looking forward to competing in 2 more SSG competitions next term; netball and hockey.

Another super day had by all. The children (& staff) all had a good night's sleep. In fact most children had to be woken up this morning and wanted more sleep so yesterday must have been good day. Food is delicious (again) - sauages and beans for breakfast (+ cereals, toast, yoghurts and fruit), pizza or beef fried rice as the main for lunch and roast dinner this evening. Again all of us have eaten very well (too well for some of us). Activities have been most enjoyable and have included the two peron buggies driving, fencing, problem solving, abseiling or low ropes and last but not least 3D swing. All the children had a go and most went as high as you could go. Great video clips were taken. Mrs James, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Talbot also took the plunge and went to the top. Lots of screraming especially from Mrs Talbot, some shaking occurred after getting of the swing and a strong cup of tea was needed! But all have survived for tomorrow's activities.

The children have smiled all day and have been a pleasure to be around. They have been well behaved andall have shown a thirst for new experiences.

Mrs Talbot


Well the last full day is nearly at an end but it surely has been a good one. We have heard that you have had thunderstorms this week. We have had wall to wall sunshine and even though a thunderstorm was forecast for this afternoon, it just past us by. As a result, we were able to continue to challenge ourselves with activities such as Balance Beam, Abseiling and Low Ropes. We've had to use our team skills to complete the Orienteering Course and then went down to the beach to "Explore the Rock Pools" this afternnon. In a short time, we are putting on our disco gear  and will dance the evening away. As all week, we have eaten very well, starting with a hearty breakfast after being woken up by the teachers!

Tomorrow we have a full morning of activities and then plan to have our last cooked lunch before leaving the centre.

The staff will contact school when we have disembarked the ferry and again when we are nearing school.They will also phone if we are held up and don't expect to be back at our arrival time. If this is the case, Mrs Atkins will message parents in this event.

We have all had a brilliant time and thank parents for letting us come away.

See you tomorrow.

Mrs Talbot

PS - We have lots of dirty washing and the teachers don't know how we will fit it all back into our bags or suitcases.