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Monday 6.50pm

We have had a lovely day. The weather has been glorious. We arrived in Portsmouth way ahead of schedule as traffic was very light on the A303. We managed to catch an earlier ferry. The crossing was a bit choppy but we still managed to eat our lunch. When we arrived at Kingswood it was very quiet as we were the first school to arrive. But we have had a good tour round, met our leader who is called Ollie and have all settled into our rooms. We have managed to make our beds but some of the boys will need to work on the duvets a little more before bedtime. We have just had a scrummy tea - a choice of pasta bolognese or meatballs and rice. There were chips, potato wedges and garlic bread available. Some of us even managed to place salad on our plates as well. Or was that just the teachers! Ice cream was dessert and then we sang happy birthday to Emily and had a slice of her delicious cake. Thanks Mrs Gidding! Our first activity is indoor climbing and then Scapheap Challenge. After all of that, the teachers are hoping for an early night!!!!!

We will try to update you every day but just to let every mum and dad know we are already having a wonderful time.


Mrs Talbot