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Thank you so much for your support with raising money for the school garden. At Friday's tea party we raised £15.25. Mrs Coulson has purchased some new plants to replace the ones that got eaten! Hopefully we will be more successful this time. Thank you for the Year 6s, The Eco council and Mrs Lyttle who helped sell our produce. 




Spring Term is a very exciting term for the Eco Council.

Spring will mean lots of planting and getting the school garden ready to grow some yummy produce.

Last term the Eco Council did a survey of how Eco the school is. We scored well but felt that the children in the school needed more awareness of how to be Eco. We are now busy creating posters and refreshing our Eco code. 

Coming up on Friday 11th March the Eco Council will be creating a survey for 'What's under your feet?' We will become citizen scientists and collect data for The British Trust of Ornithology. We will dig up a patch of our playing field and see what we can find. We will observe the patch for 15 minutes to see which birds visit. To identify birds in your own garden, click here for a bird identification guide.

Congratulations to Erin Lyttle who will be the chair of the Eco Council this year. 


Also thank you to Mrs Lyttle for helping with the Eco Council. 


Eco Council What’s Under Your Feet?

On Friday 11th March, Mrs Lyttle took the Eco Councillors on the field to find out ‘what is under our feet’. We looked for wildlife in the soil and observed for birds. We saw lots of worms and a few pigeons. Our data will now be used by scientists to see if this could be affecting why some British birds are in decline.  We will complete out survey again in June to see if we can find any more wildlife around the school. 

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