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Welcome to term 6, Woodies!

Here we are, Woodies! It's the final term of this academic year. Can you believe how quickly this year appears to have flown by? It seems like only yesterday that we were getting ready to go to Legge House!

We will continue with our rainforest topic this term, with us learning all about those green things which make up the majority of the rainforest: plants! We will learn and write explanations of the life cycle of flowering plants - from seed to mature plant, producing seeds of its own. We will also look at the germination process and the functions of the stem and leaf in a plant. 

In DT, we will learn about the seasonality of different produce and how food is caught, reared and processed. We will also examine how we can create food from local produce. So get your cookbooks out and start looking up your favourite recipes to share with your friends!

It's that time of year again when all of Key Stage Two comes together to create the Summer Play! This year, it's going to be an old favourite: 'The Pirates of the Curry Bean'. Woodpeckers will be the choir to Owls' acting, so get ready to learn many funny, exciting and silly songs: complete with actions! For the production, Woodpeckers class will perform a dance routine. For 'Pirates' we will be doing a dance that welcomes the pirate visitors to our island. There will be three opportunites to perform the dance in front of an audience: the dress rehearsal and the two subsquent evening performances. The lower Key Stage Two children will be split into three groups, with each group performing at one of these occasions. As we get nearer the time, please could you let Mrs. James or myself know which performances are most suitable to you, and we will endeavour to meet your requests. There will also be a note coming out nearer the time of the play about costumes, but think being a resident of a hot, tropical island. Whar would they wear?  

In PE, we will be improving our team skills - learning how to work together to create and focus on an agreed shared outcome. We will play rounders and cricket games to carry out this learning. As this term also holds Sports Week, we will continue developing our athletics skills for Sports day - running, skipping and hurdling. 

In RE, we will be learning about the Trinity in Christianity. We will study how Christians believe God is Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We will study how Christians in striving to understand God better, try to describe God using symbols, similes and metaphors, using songs, stories, poems and artwork to express thier belief. 

In other topics, we will study about measurements, area, solving money problems and timetables (bus and television schedules) in maths. In PSHE, we will learn about keeping healthy and how animals have offspring. In History, we will examine the Iron Age and explain how it differs to the Stone Age. 

Please find the topic web here Term 6

Looking forward to an exciting final term!

Mr. O'Callaghan and Mrs. James  







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Woodpeckers have arrived safely at Legge House. They have been enjoying the fresh air on a walk this afternoon.