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Week beginning 30th March 2020

standing owls 

Week 1 Fun

 Week 2 Fun coming soon!

Welcome to the Owls Online Learning Classroom                                                                                                  

Hi everyone,

We are nearly at the end of March and moving forward into April. We hope you remembered to put your clocks forward an hour.  Remember the saying, ‘Spring forward, Fall back’. Remember, Fall is the American name for the season we call Autumn.

Did you know?

  • The Royal Air Force was founded on the 1st April, 1918.
  • The fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen was born on April 2nd, 1805.
  • The first Olympics of the modern era was held in Athens on the 6th April, 1896.

We hope that you got on well with your home learning last week and that we successfully answered your questions that we received by email. Remember that you can contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to.

We have created a ‘fun page’ for you, which has jokes and puzzles on it. See the link at the top of this page. Can you send us some jokes for it? There is also a 'Mindfulness Reminder' and some ideas for exercise (Gymrun PDFtoo!

Remember you can get lots of ideas from 'Looking After Yourself and Your Family' and these online learning websites.

Below is the guidance for the work you have, for this week, in your home learning packs. 

All Owls (Year 5 & Year 6)

The tasks to complete each day are: 

  • Reading. Try to read for at least 20 minutes each day and record this in your reading homework book. We can then work out your Airmiles when you return to school. 
    Reading may include: reading a recipe to bake something; reading part of a fiction or non-fiction book; reading and following a set of instructions to make something; reading and following the rules of a game; reading your comprehension task for the week and answering the questions; reading part of a magazine or newspaper and reading poetry. 
  • Spelling. Practise your weekly spellings each day. 10 minutes a day will do wonders for your spelling. You will then be ready for an adult to test you. 

  • Times Tables. Keep your times tables going by practising them for 10 minutes each day. This week we have set up access for you all to use Times Tables Rockstars. When you get your log-in details, ask a parent if you can log on and have a go.

  • English and Maths. See the tables below. 
    Year 5 – your tasks are shown below in BLUE and Year 6 – look out for your tasks in GREEN.

Remember to complete your Learning Log, the English (Year 5 / Year 6) grids and Maths Log to show which tasks are complete.

Week 2   Beginning:  Monday 30th March, 2020

ENGLISH ACTIVITIES (Answers are in your packs.)

Owls Year 5 English Activities for Week 2 are:

SPaG – Task 2 Patterns in words
Reading Comprehension – Task 2 Alice in Wonderland **
Handwriting – Task 2 Leisure
Homework Pack – Continue your Americas Project, which you have been working on at home this term.
Spelling – Week 6 spellings from your Spring Term 4 Spelling Pack, which you already have at home.








Owls Year 6 English Activities for Week 2 are: 

SPaG – Task 2a Mini SPaG Test 2     Task 2b Who and Whose? Who’s and Whose?     Task 2c  Whose and Who’s?
Reading Comprehension – Alice in Wonderland  ***
Handwriting – Leisure
Homework Pack – Homework Task 2 Practise words from Test F to J in the Spring Terms 1 and 2 Spelling Pack that you have been using all term.
Spelling – Complete your Week 6 SPaG homework from the Spring Term 4 Homework Pack, which you have been using all term.








MATHS ACTIVITIES (Y6 answers will be posted here each week.)

Owls Year 5 Maths Activities for Week 2 are:

Follow the weekly tasks that Mrs Talbot has given to you or posted on the webpage. 




Owls Year 6 Maths Activities for Week 2 are: 

Grid – Quick Maths Grid (complete week 2 columns) 
Extra help to calculate temperature ranges using negative and positive integers (numbers)
Tasks 1a – 1c – Temperature ranges
Tasks 2a and 2b – Converting fractions and decimals 

Tasks 3a – 3b – Written addition
Task 4a – 4c – Simplifying fractions
Task 5a – 5c – Finding multiples
By the end of this week, you'll be able to access extra Powerpoint shows on a web site to walk you through your revision learning step by step just like we do in our school classroom. We will let you know when it is ready for you.













Owls Year 5 and Year 6 – Home Learning Grid (PDF copy)

There are a variety of tasks on the grid you have been given in your work pack. You can do these in any order. Choose an activity that appeals to you at the time. Remember to log which activity you have completed on your log sheet so that you earn the points. 

We hope that you have an enjoyable week.  Remember to separate your home learning work with fun activities too.

Keep washing your hands and stay safe,

Mrs Groves,  Mrs Leese and Mrs Marshall