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owlWelcome back Owls,

We are really looking forward to seeing you in school on Wednesday 2nd September. We hope that you have had a lovely summer break and that you managed to get some rest too.

When you return to school, things will be a little different to what you are used to, but you will soon get used to the changes and be learning and having fun in class.

Firstly, you need to remember that school for Owls begins at 8.45a.m. and ends at 3.00p.m. These times are different to usual, so make particular note of them, so that you are on time to start our school day. Morning Task will begin promptly at 8.50a.m. after you have washed your hands. You will enter and leave school through the Owls’ cloakroom door. Only bring with you what you need for school. Do remember that you need to bring a named plastic, plain pencil case (approximately 30cm) with you, that you can keep in school. It doesn’t need anything in it - we will supply this on your very first morning.

You are welcome to bring a piece of fruit or another type of healthy snack to eat at morning break time. This will help to increase your energy levels for our work after play. You will also need a named water bottle, which you will need to take home each day and sanitise each evening.

During Term 1, we will have P.E. on a Tuesday and Wednesday. On these days you will be required to come to school in your P.E. kit, which you will stay in for the whole day. Remember that you are not allowed to wear any jewellery during P.E. lessons, so you must be prepared to remove it.

In Owls, you will have weekly SPaG, Spelling and Maths homework.
For each of these, a homework pack lasting the whole of Term 1 will be sent home with you during the second week of term. Please keep these packs safe at home, so that you can complete each week’s homework. The tasks will also be available on Google Classroom. Please complete your work on paper and bring into school in the plastic zipped bags that you will be given. SPaG and Spelling homework will need to be completed and handed in on a Thursday and your spelling test will be on a Monday. Maths will need to be completed and handed in on a Monday. You will be told more about this when we start back. Completing and handing in your homework on time will earn you merits.

Reading is a very important skill and one that we need to keep practising. It is important that you read regularly at home to an adult from both fiction and non-fiction texts. The more reading you do, the more countries you will be able to visit as you travel around the world to different destinations on our miles chart in the classroom. Your parent or carer will need to sign your homework diary each time you read. You will be able to choose a reading book from school, which you can log and borrow to take home. These books can be changed on a Monday and Friday.

If you are intending to leave school on your own at the end of the day, please ask your parents or carer to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Due to the current restrictions, there will be no after school clubs during Term 1.

See you soon,
Mrs Groves, Mrs Leese and Mrs Marshall

T1 Topic Map (WWII)