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Titanic Day!

Chaffinches class had a wonderful day on Friday, or 'Titanic Day' as it was called. All the children (and Miss Martin and Mrs Pottinger) dressed up in Edwardian style clothing imitating Titanic passengers. The day began with a visitor, Tim Maltin, who has written books about the famous ship. Tim was really impressed by your existing knowledge Chaffinches, but it was also refreshing to learn new facts about the sinking of the ship. Did you know for example, that the rescue ship, the Carpathia, was only able to find the survivors on the lifeboats because the radio crew on the Titanic had given out their location incorrectly? Tim also allowed everyone to touch one of the tiles from the smoking room on the Titanic- aren't you lucky!

Take a look at some of the wonderful costumes from the day.....


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